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Insect lamps

Flying insects can be irritating. They are also unhygienic and can cause distractions by constantly flying around you. Do you want to avoid such insects? Then buying an insect lamp, also known as a fly lamp, is an ideal idea.

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The use of an insect lamp

An insect lamp is an electric lamp which attracts flying insects to itself by means of a blue UV lamp. When touched, the insects are electrocuted, sucked up into the device or stick to a sticky plate. An insect lamp guarantees a quick catch of irritating flying insects.

Types of insect lamps

Insect lamps come in many forms. So you have the following 3 types of insect lamps:

Insect lamps with a voltage grid

The UV lamp of an insect lamp ensures that the insects are attracted to the lamp. With a voltage grid the flies are electrocuted by the high voltage grid. This method is less hygienic as the insects burst into small particles.

Insect lamps with a sticky plate or adhesive strip

An insect lamp with a sticky plate attracts the insects to the lamp by means of the UV light after which the insects remain stuck. These lamps are suitable for public areas but the plates should be replaced regularly. In addition, they are hygienic, safe, noiseless and odourless.

Insect lamps with suction

With a suction insect lamp, insects are first lured to the lamp and then the system sucks the insects into the device. You should change the contents of the container regularly. This lamp is hygienic, safe and odorless but it does make noise. These different insect lamps all have the same effect: effectively fighting flying insects. What kind of insect lamp you ultimately choose depends entirely on your own preference and on the size of the room where the insect lamp will be placed. This way you are quickly rid of all the annoying flying insects.
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