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Moroccan Teapots

Moroccan teapots are a fantastic addition to your tea set. The graceful and authentic look of the teapot will make drinking a cup of tea extra special.

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About the Moroccan teapots

The Moroccan teapots are made of shiny stainless steel. The teapot can hold 1.4 liters of water, so enough cups of tea can be poured. The long spout of the Moroccan teapot allows you to easily pour tea, and the large, stable handle allows you to hold the teapot with one hand. The design is very graceful. Because of the shiny lid that is attached to the pot itself by a hinge, and because of the long spout of the teapot, it has the beautiful Arab look. It doesn't matter what kind of tea you want to serve with it. So make your favorite flavor of tea, and serve it with the Moroccan teapot, to make the tea experience even more enjoyable. And when you don't have tea in it, it also makes a nice decoration for the kitchen or elsewhere in the house.
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