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Returns at GeBoWeb – Hastamanana

We have done everything we can… but of course it can happen that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. Want to exchange or return something, follow these steps … At HastaManana you can purchase free returns, would you like to use? Please contact our customer service team by email at klantenservice@hastamanana.nl. Below is a sample email that you can send to us.

Example email
Subject: Returning an “order number” order

Best Customer Service,

I am “not satisfied/disappointed” and would like to return my order.
My order number is: “(See account or confirmation’s mail)”.

I would like to receive a return link.

Kind regards,

“your name”

After this email is sent follow the instructions below, you will automatically receive a return link to return the order. Did you order through a platform? For example Bol.com, Blokker, VD.nl, Homedeco etc. Then the return procedure runs via the platform but it is mandatory to fill in the return form below

1. Download and print the Model withdrawal form GeBoWeb B.V. (click here)
2. Don’t have a printer? Then make a handwritten letter with the following information:

– Order number
– Your name
– Postal code + City
– Date

Reason for return:
– The article is broken or damaged o Wrong order
– Incorrect delivery
– Does not meet my expectation because:

What do you want?
– Return of money
– Exchange for (state Art.no. here):
– Replacement of Article
– Otherwise, namely:

2. Pack the item in a box or bag, if you put stickers on the packaging of the product we can unfortunately not fully credit the purchase price.

– Complete the Model withdrawal form GeBoWeb B.V., if you have any questions please contact us.

3. Send the package

If you do not want to use these return instructions, we may not be able to process the return properly and it will cause a delay. Free returns are only possible if you follow our return instructions, if you send it back on your own initiative then we cannot refund the return costs.

A damaged article or an article complaint is not a regular return!
In this case, please contact us first at info@hastamanana.nl.

Articles neatly packaged with the original bags there return, of course undamaged and unused / washed.

Of course you can also call or email if we can help you with something. E-mail: klantenservice@hastamanana.nl

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